Welsh Harp Joint Vision

Developing a collective vision for the Welsh Harp reservoir and surrounding public landscapes.

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DK-CM worked with a complex, multi-stakeholder client team to develop a spatial vision for future investment in and improvement of the Welsh Harp, a major green space and nature & wildlife amenity in north-west London. The ambition has been to generate a shared vision,  that harmoniously integrated environmental conservation, social inclusivity, and economic vitality.

The project involved extensive public engagement, including hard-to-reach demographics, and our multi-pronged approach led to meaningful public input into a complex visioning exercise. Engagement led to a ‘Welsh Harp Atlas’ capturing in full the current complexities of the landscape.

The Vision was published in 2023 and can be downloaded via the Canal & River Trust here.


  • Client: Welsh Harp Strategy Group (Canal & River Trust, London Borough of Barnet, London Borough of Brent, Greater London Authority, Thames 21 and London Wildlife Trust)
  • Collaborators: Jonathan Cook Landscape Architecture
  • Dates: 2021-3
  • Status: Complete, Published

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