Listening to the Grand Union Canal

An engagement study which captures the use and perceptions of the canal at Old Oak and Park Royal.

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As part of our approach to strategic work, we believe that it is fundamental that we celebrate the process and outcomes of our of research methods. In the Canal Placemaking Strategy, we have done this by publishing our research in tandem with our vision document, giving equal weight to each.

The uses and perceptions of the Old Oak and Park Royal section of the canal were analysed through a collectively-authored map, published interviews and a podcast.


‘Listening to the Grand Union Canal’ directly informed the Canal Placemaking Strategy which was published and adopted in 2019.


  • Client: Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation, Mayor of London, Canal & River Trust
  • Dates: 2018 – 2019
  • Collaborators: Spacemakers, Europa, Jonathan Cook Landscape Architects. With thanks to members of the OPDC Community Review Group.
  • Status: Completed & Adopted

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