Roding-Made Research Study

A research study into the social and historical context of the industrial areas of Barking & Dagenham through a series of interviews with local creatives, produced by DK-CM, Create London and the New Economics Foundation.

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DK-CM, Create London and the New Economics Foundation led on the delivery of a substantial research study and investment plan, exploring how the industrial areas of the borough can be used to enrich the borough’s creative enterprises. The rivers’ industrial land is identified as having the capacity for intensification and reactivation as a public space, a key opportunity to support the burgeoning cultural and creative industries in the borough.

As part of our approach to strategic work, we believe that it is fundamental that we celebrate the process and outcomes of our of research methods. We have done this by publishing our research in tandem with our strategic document, giving equal weight to each.


The final report took the form of two documents: an action plan, combined with a rigorous research study.

The research study brought together detailed analysis of history and policy context, alongside a series of interviews with local creatives. Broad and diverse in nature, the conversations kick-started the project and set a firm basis from which the action plan evolved.


  • Client: London Borough of Barking & Dagenham
  • Value: £40k 
  • Dates: April – July 2018 
  • Collaborators: Create London, New Economics Foundation, Europa
  • Status: Completed

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