Building Rights

Building Rights aims to become the primary source of planning expertise in the UK.

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Building Rights is a popular repository of planning knowledge, a user-generated forum where the rules of what is built and what is not are shared, tested and generated in public.


Building Rights was the practice component of David Knight’s PhD at the Royal College of Art, London. The PhD, ‘Making Planning Popular’, aims to re-establish a popular discourse about planning, one rooted in the agency of popular activity and founded on ideas of socially organised systemic knowledge.

The ideas behind ‘Building Rights’ are explored in the essays Making Planning Popular (2012) What planning can learn from aspirin (2012) and Planning without Planners (2011), and in David’s TEDxHackney talk from June 2013, which you can watch via the link.


  • Collaborators: Europa, Afonso Martins.
  • Status: Ongoing


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Building Rights

In June 2013 David presented Building Rights at the TEDx Hackney event in the Arcola Theatre.