In the 1920s, a major programme of road widening was undertaken in Southall, resulting in the demolition of some of the 16th century Manor House, a new war memorial, a neo-classical parade of shops, a 'mock-tudor' toilet block and a new park, Manor House Grounds, created out of the former Manor House gardens.

DK-CM's project is an adjustment to this 1920s scheme. Widening the pavement rather than the road, we have created a new square in the centre of old Southall. This new space turns the Manor House's north façade into a public front for the first time, and creates a series of new entrances into the park, significantly increasing footfall from the high street. The granite surfaces of the new square are laid in a 'timber-framed' pattern in the spirit of the adjacent architecture.

The new square will be complemented by the transformation of the toilet block into a café, and a £300,000 renovation of the adjacent Manor Parade shops, both led by DK-CM.

Client London Borough of Ealing / Greater London Authority
Value £1.8m (Overall budget for Southall Great Streets)
Dates Public Space & Manor Parade 2012-2015, Café 2014-2016)
Collaborators Project Centre, Urban Movement, Webb Yates

Shortlisted Project London Planning Awards 2016-17: Best New Public Space







Manor House & War Memorial, c1920