Unit 2: Great Estates

Adam Khan and David Knight
Kingston University School of Architecture & Landscape

London’s Olympic legacy will result in a series of new neighbourhoods on the edge of the Olympic Park. The London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) has compared these to the city’s ‘great estates’: areas like Bloomsbury that were developed as large chunks by a single landowner. Such comparisons offer a way of resisting the meanness of much current developer housing, examples of which already encircle the Olympic park.

This year Unit 2 has sought to provide the LLDC with other models of large-scale residential development which critique and expand upon the ‘great estates’ model, and to test them on large sites on the Olympic fringe. Our alternative models developed through studying 12 estates built in the UK since 1720, understanding not only their character but their social aspiration and development principles.

Silver Medal Nomination Kayleigh Hutton & Steven Harp: 'Chobham Farm'
Silver Medal Nomination Philip Thompson: 'The Aesthetics of City-making'.
School Portfolio Prize Philip Thompson: 'The Aesthetics of City-making'.

Student Craig Smith's drawing of Bloomsbury, produced for Great Estates, was exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2012.

Download the 'Great Estates' booklet

Critics: Irina Davidovici, Alex Ely, Cathy Hawley, Michael Levy, Ioana Marinescu, Daniel Rosbottom, Irénée Scalbert, Bernd Schmutz, Timm Schönberg, Oliver Wainwright.