Palazzo Lidl

Adam Khan, David Knight and Bernd Schmutz
Kingston University School of Architecture & Landscape

If retail is the driver of town centre redevelopment and the core activity on London’s high streets, it’s time it was taken seriously. With this in mind, Unit 2 went shopping in Peckham. We investigated places of commerce and exchange – from souks and stoas to Liberty of London and Leadenhall, and then moved on to propose retail-centred, urban projects for underdeveloped sites close to Peckham High Street. Peckham doesn’t know if it needs an artisan butcher or a megamall, so all our projects involve providing something between the two: a Lidl supermarket as a core tenant.

Again fascinated by unpedigreed architectures and processes of pastiche and translation, we sought to return some joy to retail architecture and develop hybrid shopping experiences which do something generous to the public realm whilst confronting the harsh realities of forklift-truck turning circles and convenience shopping.

Critics: Dominic Arni, Peter Karl Becher, Pablo Bronstein, Tom Emerson, Manuel Julia, Michael Levy,Oliver Wainwright.

Images show work by Yemi Aladerun, Monica Heilpern, Alexander Jenkins and Craig Smith.