Public House

Adam Khan, David Knight and Bernd Schmutz
Kingston University School of Architecture & Landscape

We began the year by investigating six London public houses. We then designed external furniture for each pub in an attempt to capture its character whilst opening it up to the scale of street and landscape. This informed final designs for community buildings in Stepney.

Proposals sought to address a policy vacuum between landscape (The London Green Grid) and home (The London Housing Design Guide).

Selected for The Architectural Review Top Ten London Design Units
Silver Medal nomination: Carlos dos Santos
Best Student Projects in Britain (Blueprint): Yemi Aladerun, Carlos dos Santos.

Critics: Pierre d'Avoine, Viktor Jak, Michael Levy, Fred Scott, Daniel Serafimovski, Florian Zierer.

Images show work by Yemi Aladerun, Alexandra Bailey, Stuart Darling, Liidia Grinko, John Henden, Ming-kun Huang, Alexander Jenkins, Sharareh Khodabaksh, Robert Mccarthy, Tobin Mccloy, Carlos dos Santos, Thomas Sellars, Paolo Zambelli.