ADS2: New Town

Charles Holland, David Knight & Finn Williams
Royal College of Art School of Architecture

How do you build a new town?

The UK is facing a housing crisis. In response, the current government pays lip service to building a new generation of garden cities while the Lyons Housing Review proposes recapturing the spirit of post-war New Towns.

But are these models still relevant today? Were the political and social circumstances that brought the New Towns into existence an isolated instance? Or can we regain the capacity to imagine such a collective project?

This year we reinvented the New Town, from its economic and legal structures to its myths and customs, and proposed new models for planned settlement.

NLA/RCA Student Prize for Architecture Guy Rochez
Blueprint Magazine Pick of the Graduates Tom Feary

Students: Ralf Alwani, Alexander Barretta, Christian Brailey, Sam Brown, Cecily Chua, Thomas Feary, Roma Gadomska-Miles, Joanna Hyland, Ashleigh James, Jessica Lyons, Catherine Mollett, James Newton, Holly Lang, Guy Rochez, Matthew Volsen.