ADS2: Green Belt

Charles Holland, David Knight & Finn Williams
Royal College of Art School of Architecture

75 years ago, London created the ‘Metropolitan Green Belt’ by designating land to be protected from development. In the process, a legislative ring was created around the city which continues to define not only London’s growth and form, but also how the city is perceived, used and imagined. The result is a space of exclusion, one that is defined by what it isn’t rather than what it is, what it prevents rather than what it contains. This year ADS2 have worked in this politically charged void, making speculative, critical and propositional projects that will impact on the future shape of the Green Belt and thereby on the future of London itself.

Read about the studio in Volume #38 and in Icon #135.

RIBA Journal Drawing Prize Amelia Hunter
3DReid Prize Amelia Hunter
NLA/RCA Student Prize for Architecture Andy Matthews

Students: Soon Min Hong, Amelia Hunter, Agnieszka Kwiecien, Holly Lang, Daniel Masterman, Andy Matthews, Rowan Prady, Anthony Richardson, Adam Roberts, Guy Rochez, Taylan Tahir, Benjamin Turner, William Young.

Critics and Guests: Shumi Bose, David Carlisle, Steve Dennington, Martyn Evans, Daisy Froud,
Alexander Giarlis, Jon Goodbun, Eleanor Hedley, Jonathan Hill, Andrea Klettner, Phélim Mac Cafferty (Chair of Planning, Brighton and Hove City Council), Jack Self, Richard Spitz & Bernadette Walsh (HM Cabinet Office)

Images below are from a selection of projects across both year groups.