ADS2: Country Life

Adam Khan and David Knight
Royal College of Art School of Architecture

In development terms, the most politicised space in Southern England is the border condition between town and country; caught between housing demand, national government planning reform and an influential conservation lobby. Working on this border, ADS2 will propose ‘urban extensions’ to the county town of Lewes, East Sussex. Our tools will include analysis of the realities of ‘country living’ in combination with probing its aesthetic, political and tectonic ideals.

NLA/RCA Student Prize for Architecture Astrid Bois d'Enghien & Alexander Turner
Helen Hamlyn Design Award for Assisted Living Arisa Ishibashi
Lady Hamlyn Grand Design Award Arisa Ishibashi
Blueprint Magazine Pick of the Graduates Arisa Ishibashi

Students: Astrid Bois d'Enghien, Rupert Crossley, Jane Hall, Arisa Ishibashi, Tom Kendall, Catherine Kim, Satoru Nakanishi, James Pockson, Matthew Powell, Thomas Price, Alexander Turner, Benjamin Turner, Yimeng Wang.

Critics: Shumi Bose, Stephan Hanrot, Charles Holland, Tomas Klassnik, Nicholas Lobo Brennan, Oliver Wainwright.

Images below are from a selection of graduating projects.