DK-CM delivered a comprehensive, costed feasibility study for the London Borough of Haringey’s regeneration team, setting out a range of meanwhile uses - over a range of timeframes - to enliven and enrich the town centre of Wood Green in advance of longer-term regeneration programmes.

We undertook a thorough survey of commercial and cultural provision in the town and in the borough, and began to establish relationships with key cultural and social enterprise providers for the council to build on in subsequent phases.

The study focused on a key suite of meanwhile use projects along one particular road, developing detailed proposals for a vacant site and neighbouring buildings which are now being taken forward. We also took the opportunity to embed the projects, however short term, in key urban design goals for the longer term transformation of the town centre, particularly in the joining up of key transport interchanges and town centre sites to currently underused or inaccessible cultural sites and public amenities.

Client London Borough of Haringey
Value N/A
Dates 2015