Commissioned by High Street 2012, 'The Unlimited Edition' is a super-local newspaper distributed free on the streets connecting the City of London with the Olympic Park in Stratford. The paper surveys, speculates and proposes for the High Street and offers a timely celebration and critique of this part of London in the face of major physical and cultural change.

David was commissioned by We Made That to guest-edit Issue 2: Speculation. The issue uses the commercial reality of the high street as the basis for a series of speculations on its immediate future.

With contributions from Wouter Vanstiphout, Oliver Wainwright, Tom Hunter, Sam Jacob, Noam Toran, Onkar Kular & Keith R. Jones, The Gentle Author, Louis Moreno, Ben Van Bruggen & Steve Smith and David Benqué, plus recent gradutes of Kingston University's Postgraduate Diploma in Architecture Hannah Tourell and Shaun Young.